Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Piecaken for Pi Day

Awhile ago I ran across a flickr picture of a "piecaken."  For the uninitiated, a piecaken is a cake with one or more pies baked into it.  The version in the link is a two-layer variety, but I realized that a single layer wouldn't actually be too difficult.  I also made the mistake of mentioning it at the office shortly after the announcement of the annual pi day celebration where we bring in pies of all shape to share with each other in celebration of this well known mathematical constant.  Unfortunately, I mentioned it within earshot of my director, who also happened to be the organizer of this party, and she virtually insisted that I had to bring one.  Despite my trepidations, not only in my rather lacking skill-set in this area (I'm not exactly the world's greatest baker), but also whether or not it would taste any good, I set forth to create one.